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The Electrocardiogram Technician (ECG) Program prepares students to successfully
attain training and qualifications to become an ECG Technician. The program prepares
students to take the National Certification exam by the National Competency Testing
(NCCT) or the National Health Career Association (NHA) exam. It is an 80-hour program
which offers theory and practical hands-on training. Upon completion of the program,
you will be eligible to take the national examination with the NCCT or NHA.

If you would like to sign up please fill out this form and we will contact you.

For any additional questions, please email or call Schurr Adult School at (323) 887-3088.

Course Fee: $800

Job Opportunities
  • Hospitals

  • Doctor's Office

  • Cardiology Clinics

Median Salary

The average salary of an EKG is $44,152 per year in the United States.

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