Our mission is to provide the members of our multicultural

community with lifelong educational and career preparation

opportunities needed 

• to achieve full potential,
• to compete in a rapidly changing global economy,
• to be an effective parent and family member,
• to participate in the democratic process, 
• to contribute to the betterment of the community.

As a WASC-Accredited School (Western Association of Schools

and Colleges), your diploma and certificates of completion are

reputable and will satisfy the requirements for your goals.

about mcas


MCAS Equips Students to:

Communicate Effectively:

•Demonstrate progress in language and life skills
•Develop an increased understanding of our multicultural community
•Develop technical skills to access information effectively and creatively

Be Productive, Involved Citizens, Parents, and Workers who:

•Understand and participate in our democratic society
•Contribute to the well being of the community
•Work collaboratively to create positive solutions to 21st Century challenges

Continue Learning:

•Develop goals and strategies for future personal growth
•Access information to adapt to the rapidly changing global economy
•Prepare to enter post-secondary and workforce training programs.

MCAS is WASC-Accredited (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)