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The mission of the Montebello Community Adult School Program (MCAS) is to prepare, empower, and serve our diverse student population with advancement opportunities needed to achieve utmost potential.  In an ever-evolving world, MCAS provides programs that build skill sets that support academic growth, industry-specific career preparation and personal wellness.  MCAS prepares students for civic involvement that contributes to the enrichment of parents, family, and the community.

about mcas

Mission Statement

MCAS will prepare and empower students to be...

Effective Communicators Who…


  • Demonstrate progress in language and life skills


  • Develop and demonstrate a thorough understanding of our diverse community


  • Acquire and develop technological skills to access and utilize information effectively


Productive, Involved Citizens, Parents and Workers who…


  • Demonstrate understanding of the importance of civic duties and active participation in a democratic society.


  • Work together to create solutions to everyday challenges.


  • Develop and strengthen individual skills and knowledge that contribute to the well-being of society.


Lifelong Learners who…


  • Develop goals and strategies for personal growth.


  • Can access and use information to adapt to a rapidly changing world.


  • Are prepared to pursue higher education and/or technical careers.

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