If you're looking for a career in healthcare and you'd like to learn more about cardiology and how the heart functions then becoming an EKG/ ECG technician could be the right fit for you. 



In this course, you'll learn about the anatomy and physiology of the heart, the travel and oxygenation of blood, and the electrical conduction of the heart. You'll then learn how to read and identify various EKG rhythms. 



Learn how to apply a 3, 5 (holter monitor), and 12 lead EKG in order to analyze the heart's electrical conduction. 


ekg technicians work in


Work all over the hospital as a floating EKG technician, performing EKGs on patience per doctor's orders. Or if you'd rather stay in one area of the hospital work as a monitor/ telemetry technician and you'll monitor the EKGs of every patient in your area. Watch the video below to see a day in the life of an EKG technician.



Work at a cardiology doctor's office performing EKGs and assisting patients with Holter monitor application and education (a holter monitor is a portable cardiac monitor that the patient takes home and wears).



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