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Montebello Community Adult School Contact Information 


149 N 21st St, Montebello, CA 90640



Dr. Angel Gallardo, Director of Adult Education and Student Support Services

Benedetta Kennedy, Principal of Adult Education

Jose Ornelas, Principal of Adult Education

Leticia Jimenez-Gonzalez, Executive Assistant I 

Susan Perez, FPA School Secretary 

Sofia Palma, MOA School Secretary

Attendance Issues / Class Courses

Ulysses Gonzalez                       

Google Voice 805-738-8962

Registration Support

Norma Trejo
Google Voice 805-738-8247


Maria G. Avila
Google Voice 805-738-8340


Gabriela Contreras           Google Voice 805-764-1434

IT Support

Albert Meneses

Google Voice 909-447-9738


Solomon Mao

Google Voice 805-738-8206

CASAS Support

Ana Sotelo
Google Voice 909-285-4152

Teacher's Contact Information

GAIN Office Support

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