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Ford Park Adult School Contact Information 


7800 Scout Ave, Bell Gardens, CA 90201



Dr. Angel Gallardo, Director of Adult Education and Student Support Services

Jose Ornelas, Principal of Adult Education

Benedetta Kennedy, Principal of Adult Education

Leticia Jimenez-Gonzalez, Executive Assistant I 

Stephanie Fuentes, Administrative Specialist

Susan Perez, MOA School Secretary 

Kayla Francis, FPA/BGA School Secretary

Sofia Palma, MACTI School Secretary

Attendance Issues / Class Courses

Ana Cruz
Google Voice 805-738-8594


Adriana Viera

Google Voice 805-419-3371


Michelle Baserga

Google Voice 805-738-8335

Registration Support

Marisol Manzo
Google Voice 805-738-8232

Sylvia Estrada
Google Voice 805-738-8643


Cecilia Monterrosa
Google Voice 310-818-3925

(MCAS) Tech Squad Instructors

Albert Meneses

Google Voice 909-447-9738


Solomon Mao

Google Voice 805-738-8206

GAIN Office Support

Ana Sotelo
Google Voice 909-285-4152

Stephanie Fuentes
Google Voice 805-419-5918

Teacher's Contact Information

GAIN Office Support

Blanca Ramirez

Google Voice 909-493-5812

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