Montebello Community Adult School offers an array of courses that you can afford. Let's face it, not everyone knows what they want to be when they "grow up," especially adults. Our pathways allow you earn professional/ vocational certificates that will not only equip you for employment but will also allow you to sample a variety of career paths, such as:

career technical education

Your next career awaits


Due to COVID-19, we are only offering virtual classes for most of our courses. Fees are waived!

Debido a COVID-19, solo ofreceremos clases virtuales para la mayoría de nuestros cursos. ¡No se cobrarán tarifas!

We offer the most affordable and reputable security guard classes in Southern California. Starting at just $10-60 you can earn a variety of certifications including:

Guard Card

Side Handle Baton Permit

Chemical Agents 


Weaponless Defense

Defensive Tactics

Straight Baton

Expandable Baton





Recreational Activities Instruction is a multi-disciplinary intensive course that intends to prepare its students for the exciting world of working with youth in out-of-school time. The program is intentionally designed to address the essential components, activities, managements, and procedures and policies that encompass working in this field. *No Prerequisites


recreational activity

Program for Adults with disabilities


Classes designed to meet the needs of the students, offering academic tutoring and an environment that builds self-esteem and encourages access to and participation in specialized courses for students to become self-reliant, productive, and effective community members. They will learn personal care and hygiene as well as gain an education foundation, basic functional academics, and skills to participate in the workforce.







cpr & first aid

You never know when you'll need this life-saving skill. Whether for a job opportunity or for your own peace of mine, MCAS is here to help you meet your adult education goals. This class consists of one 4-hour class and is offered 1-2 times a month.

a successful pass results in a Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification

Class Fee: $60 





MCAS offers clothing/basic sewing and upholstery! 

In this adult education course, learn specialized skills that will help your family, the environment, and potentially provide another source of income.


Clothing / Basic Sewing: $10 class fee

Upholstery: $25 class fee


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commercial truck driving





  • None


This four-week course prepares students in driving safety, transporting passengers or cargo, hazardous materials, school buses, vehicle Inspection tests and vehicle control skills test. The Forklift Operator Safety Training Program covers equipment types and classification, operation and safety, training requirements, maintenance and inspections, refueling and recharging, and load handling.

personal care aide

Class Fee: $80


The Adult Education Personal Care Aide Program is an 80-hour module course preparing students for entry-level employment as a personal healthcare aide in either a home setting, convalescent facility, or for social services placement.


In this course, adult education students will be trained in ethics in healthcare, clients' rights, and elder abuse as well as emergency first aid, personal care and assistance with daily living tasks like mobility, bathing, and toileting.


Throughout the course, MCAS Personal Care Aide students are taught to respect the individual’s rights to privacy and dignity and provide care in such a way that the person’s independence is enhanced and supported.


When you graduate, head to our career center to work on your resume and job hunting skills. 


***Fee includes First Aid & CPR certification ***




Many jobs don’t provide an opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives, nor the reward that comes with the opportunity. As a medical assistant, you can go home at the end of the day knowing you made an impact on others

Medical Assistant / Medical Front Office 

Course Description

This career technical education program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform front office procedures in healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals and private medical offices. MCAS Medical Assistant students will be introduced to medical terminology, medical insurance billing and medical transcribing.

Class Fee: $10


adobe creative suites

Each Course is just: $10


This is by far the most affordable Adobe Suites Course in Los Angeles. Montebello Community Adult School offers an introduction and advanced course for:



  • Adobe Photoshop (Ps)

  • Adobe Illustrator (Ai)

  • Adobe Indesign (Id)






Gain skills to prepare you for

a career in the Automotive Industry!





Course Description

Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills

Course Fee: $10


This is a comprehensive course covering how to create a company file from scratch, working with customers and vendors, banking with QuickBooks, Inventory, payroll, estimates, time tracking, customizing and integrating it with other programs, reporting, adjusting entries, and closing the book.




  • None


This course is designed as an introduction to the keyboard and to enable the student to master basic computer concepts and correct keyboarding techniques. This course provides the skills necessary for entry-level employment and/or the skills necessary to prepare general course assignments. Course Fee: $10




MCAS offers a variety of computer courses ranging from basic computers for the beginner who wishes to learn the basic operations of the computer to those who are seeking Microsoft Office Certifications.


The Basic Computers Course covers everything from computer vocabulary to creating documents and graphics using Microsoft Windows and Internet Skills.

MCAS also offers Microsoft Office certifications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher​.

Each computer course is only $10!



introduction to medical careers

Explore the comprehensive options for a career in healthcare. Gain a glimpse into a day in the life of 20+ medical professions, their median salary, and the education it took to arrive there. This is step one in your medical pathway.




Nurse Talking to Patient

Certified nursing Assistant

Become certified
in just 9 weeks!